Hallway Furniture

Galeria proiectului

The hallway – the calling card of the house, represents the accessory that defines the entire house and that is why you shouldn’t neglect its design.
Beside the décor elements used like flowers, painting, vases, the design of the hallway also need adequate furniture, and the first rule when we choose the furniture on the hallway is that this needs to fit perfectly in the available space without making it look packed.
The hallway can be a storage space, where the furniture chosen needs to be focused on an ergonomic and rigorous division, as well as a transition zone, where we recommend you opt for a minimalistic design for the hallway.
Hangers or clothing racks, mirrors, shoebox, storage box, sliding door closet, are a couple of elements that can make up an ideal hallway.
The carefully crafted finishes of the furniture can make the hallway the image of a warm and welcoming place.